Ready to Buy a Home

Are you ready to buy a home?

    The decision to purchase a home is a highly personal one, based on both tangible and intangible factors. Beyond your personal situation, local market conditions, financing costs, and future expectations must also be evaluated.

The following list of questions can help you decide if you are ready to move forward with a home purchase. Landin, REALTORS® can help you sort through these issues and provide essential local market perspectives.


     1.- If you purchase a home, how long do you expect to live there?

     2.- What can you afford to pay each month for housing-related


     3.- What are the total costs of home ownership? This
        may include:

                  * Mortgage payments (based on various interest rate and term


                  * Property taxes

                  * Homeowner’s insurance

                  * Utilities

                  * Maintenance costs

                  * HOA (If any)

                  * Any other special fees?

     4.- Do you expect these housing-related expenses to increase or

          decrease? (changes in interest rates may be a bigger

          factor than others)

     5.- What additional expenses are required to complete
        a purchase?

          (closing costs, moving expenses, etc.)

     6.- How much will your home ownership costs decline after

          adjusting for interest expense deductions and property taxes

          (if applicable)?

     7.- Are local market prices favorable to purchasing? What
          are your

          expectations on future prices?

     8.- Do you qualify for any special purchasing assistance

          that can help reduce the cost of home ownership?



      1.- If you are now a renter, what are your total housing

            (monthly rent, utilities, housing assessment, parking, etc.?)
2.- How does renting vs. buying factor into your 

            long-term investing goals?



    1.- What are your personal preferences regarding the type of

         you wish to live in?

    2.- How does location factor into your housing preferences?

    3.- How do you expect your personal situation to change, in terms

         of future housing needs?

    4.- What are your expectations concerning future employment?

      5.-  Are Schools important on your decision?

      6.- What are your long-term personal and financial goals,                         with regard to housing?

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