No One Cares

     No One Cares!

….about their AC system until it doesn't work and it's 101° Fahrenheit and your wife's mother is coming for a 3 week visit.... then everyone (at the same time) cares a lot.


HVAC equipment, just like cars has become considerably more reliable over the past few decades. However, as with anything mechanical there are some things that should be looked at on a regular basis. With air conditioners and heat pumps - twice a year is a good rule of thumb, once at the beginning of each season.


A tune-up or inspection is not a guarantee that something's not going to break. There are several sealed components that either work or don't and cannot be tested, but inspection by a competent service technician can certainly place odds in your favor that you will not have a breakdown, and a properly done tune-up can also increase the operating efficiency of your equipment.

Which company you select to go with has a lot to do with their tenure and reputation. Be careful of the companies that are too cheap, they may only be looking for sales.

Here are some of our basic recommendations:

1.- Check filters regularly and replace them as necessary and according with the manufacturers instructions. 

2.- Look into programable or lifestyle thermostats to save energy and money. 

3.- Try not to hit your outdoor unit with the line trimmer, or let grass from your lawn  mower blow on it. 

4.- Never place anything on the top of the machine outside. Air flow across the outdoor coil is very important.

5.- Try not to use your equipment closet as a storage area. It's best to leave equipment accessible.

6.- DO NOT store anything flammable close to a gas-fired furnace.


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