For Sale By Owner

Thinking of selling your home yourself?    
Here’s what you need to know..

   If you’re wondering about the value of hiring a Texas REALTOR®, you’re not alone. But before you decide to do a FSBO (for sale by owner), see if you can answer these

   How much your home is worth? When it comes to pricing, you can’t rely on estimator websites to give you an accurate value. Those sites don’t have data about what homes
are selling for in your neighborhood or how your kitchen remodel affects your price.
   In addition, it’s easy to let your personal attachment to the property inflate the price.
And be careful, because if you price it too high, it will linger on the market. But if you price
 it too low, you’ll lose out on money.

   Can you market your property? You can put a sign in your yard, post your property to a
few classified websites, and maybe make some fliers to hang. How many potential buyers
do you think that will bring you? Probably not a lot.

   Are you ready to show your house? If you do attract potential buyers, you’ll have to keep
a flexible schedule to juggle showings. Don’t forget about the safety concerns associated with letting strangers into your home.

   Can you avoid legal problems? Real estate transactions are complex, and legal issues come up frequently. One small mistake on your part could cost you big, whether it’s
because you’ll lose money or end up in a lawsuit. Be ready to spend time reading through paperwork and researching to make sure you’re not breaking the law.

   As you can see, selling your home on your own means investing your time in research, marketing, showing the property, and more tasks that aren’t even mentioned here. That’s probably why 87% of sellers in Texas used a Texas REALTOR® last year.

   Texas REALTORS® have access to accurate data to determine the right price for your property. They’re able to market your property more extensively than you could alone.
   Texas REALTORS® also take care of showings and vet potential buyers for you. And they can call the Texas Association of REALTORS® Legal Hotline, staffed by five attorneys who can answer their questions about real estate law and related matters. Instead of going it alone, talk to a Texas REALTOR®, who has the experience and tools to make your home sale go smoothly.

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