Best Listing Price

How to arrive at the best listing price for your property

Before you list your home for sale, you have to decide on an asking price. Many consumers consult real estate websites, but be aware that not all such websites have reliable information.
The best source for reliable info..
A Texas REALTOR® has the accurate information you need to arrive at a competitive price to attract buyers. What makes a Texas REALTOR® a trusted source?

   One reason is that a Texas REALTOR® has access to actual sold data that he or she can use to determine the sales price of properties similar to yours. Some of the criteria
used are:

         • Location. Properties in the same neighborhood or located as close as possible to yours.

         • Timing. Properties that were sold recently, preferably within the past few months.  

         • Size. Properties that are relatively the same size based on square footage, number of floors, or the size of the lot.

         • Features. Properties with the same number of rooms, comparable amenities, or similar upgrades.

How’s the market?
Another important factor in determining a listing price is how your local real estate market is performing when you decide to sell. Is it a buyer’s market where inventory is high, or is it a seller’s market because there aren't many homes listed?

A Texas REALTOR® has the resources, experience, and knowledge to help you reach
your real estate goals. 

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